Wheatleys Farm Bed-and-Breakfast, nr Swindon/Cirencester/Cotswolds/Water-Park B&B


  • Wheatleys Farm Bed-and-Breakfast, nr Swindon/Cirencester/Cotswolds/Water-Park B&B

Access Statement for Wheatleys Farm Bed and Breakfast


We aim to cater for the needs of all visitors in our home based 2 bedroom bed and breakfast. The following statement is a summary of our provision. If you have any specific questions please feel free to call us and we will endeavour to help.


- There is a bus stop 250yds from the house with a frequent bus service
- Kemble train station is 15 mins away by car.
- There is a local taxi service that has accessible taxis if required, we can make a booking for you.
- We have our own website
- You can contact us via phone, text, fax or email (details below)

Arrival and Car parking Facilities

- On arrival to the property there is a five bar wooden gate which is open 24hrs when the B & B is operating
- No marked parking bays, but there is ample room for all cars
- The surface is flat, level and gravel
- We can assist guests with luggage
- The village is a few minutes walk from the Bed and Breakfast

Main Entrance and Reception

- The front door is covered by a porch with one step 15cm high, entry through the main door is over a theshold 15cm high
- The front door is usually locked
- The door is 81cm wide
- On entry to our home there is a hallway 3 by 3 metres
- There is seating provided in the hallway
- There is a stone tile floor in the hallway

Public Areas – General (Internal)

- The flooring on the ground floor is short pile carpet and stone tiles
- The covering on stairs and upstairs is short pile carpet
- The breakfast room is tiled and is on the ground floor
- There are 13 stairs to the first floor bedrooms
- The stairs are 18cm high 24 cm deep and 85 cm wide

Public Areas - WC

- Bedrooms are ensuite, but no public WC available

Breakfast Room

- Breakfast is served in the breakfast room on the ground floor. There is a small step to walk over.
- Furniture is flexible and can be moved on request
- Tables have underspace of 67 cm high by 135 cm wide and height of 73cm.
- There are chairs with arms which can be moved to accommodate
- We do not play background music in any area of the B&B


- There are 2 bedrooms on the first floor
- Door widths are 74cm
- We can provide a double bedded room or twin beds
- At least 85cm routes within the bedroom e.g.to the side of beds, between beds and dressing table, therefore allowing for left or right transfer to beds .
- Furniture is moveable on request
- Beds are 60cm high
- Television with remote control and teletext
- All divan beds with sprung interior mattresses
- There is an ensuite shower room
- Fitted short pile carpet on the floor

Ensuite shower rooms

- Door width of 74cm, opening inwards.
- Shower cubicle edge is 14cm high
- The basin is rounded at the front and has a pedestal underneath. It is 86 cm high
- The toilet is 46 cm high
- The floor covering is non-slip linoleum
- Good contrast of walls floor and fittings

Grounds and Gardens

- We have a good sized garden (flower borders and lawn) with a large pond .
- Guests are welcome to use the seats provided to enjoy the fresh air.
Wheatleys Farm Bed-and-Breakfast, nr Swindon/Cirencester/Cotswolds/Water-Park B&B

Bed & Breakfast

Wheatleys Farm Bed-and-Breakfast, nr Swindon/Cirencester/Cotswolds/Water-Park B&B

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Wheatleys Farm Bed-and-Breakfast, nr Swindon/Cirencester/Cotswolds/Water-Park B&B


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